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Case Study: First Walk-Up COVID-19 Testing Sites in Miami, FL

JUNE 23, 2020 BY CAM BOB

miami covid testing center


Making COVID-19 Testing Accessible to Underserved Communities 


Project Profile

Project Partners: City of Miami, Florida and Medrite Urgent Care

Storage Container Use: COVID-19 walk-up and drive-through testing sites in Broward County, Florida

Mobile Modular Portable Storage Solutions

Making COVID-19 testing accessible to underserved communities



Adhering to the state's strong commitment to providing COVID-19 testing in an effort to contain the outbreak, Broward County opened Florida's first walk-up testing sites. Strategically located near municipal bus stops in Miami, the sites expand testing accessibility to underserved communities.

The Solution
To expand testing efforts, the City of Miami, in partnership with Medrite Urgent Care, tapped Mobile Modular Portable Storage to provide units that would accommodate testing needs. We shipped an initial order of four 10-foot offices and another subsequent order for ten 20-foot office units to be used for antibody testing.
These high-quality, secure containers offered an immediate solution to a range of testing-site needs, including antibody testing and storage of medical supplies. In addition to providing temporary portable space options, containers boast a range of critical features for medical-related projects, including:

  • ·  HVAC systems
  • ·  Internal and external lighting
  • ·  Electrical outlets
  • ·  Insulation and security features
  • ·  Security bars on windows and door
  • ·  Vinyl composition tile (VCT) flooring
  • ·  Forklift pockets for easy transport, deliver and return

Here for You Today
Mobile Modular Portable Storage is here to help during these difficult times. Our cost-effective solutions are ideal across a range of industries and applications. Whether you have immediate needs related to the current crisis or simply want to learn more about any of our storage solutions, our team of experts is ready to work with you today.

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