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Shipping Container Bars: Understanding Benefits, Costs, and More


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Yes. Conceptually and aesthetically, a shipping container bar will outshine regular buildings with its unique, innovative look and form. Plus, creating a bar from a container is an affordable option that offers a host of other benefits.

In fact, shipping containers are an ideal solution for a bar, a pop-up restaurant, or even a coffee shop. They also make a comfortable and safe work area for your team. Throw in contemporary design touches and stylish modifications and you’ll have a shipping container bar that your patrons will want to be seen at. 


Why Use Shipping Containers for Bars?

Quick, Portable Installation

Your bar is going places! A shipping container bar is super quick to setup, and its modular design allows for easy transport and installation at another location, whether a shopping mall, an open-air food festival, or music and art events.

Customize All You Want

When it comes to customization, the sky is the limit. You can join multiple containers to create larger spaces, wind down the container walls to make a seating deck, or use the roof as a stylish sitting area.


Shipping containers offer the versatility you need to bring your ideas to life. Transform your container unit into any creative business venture you envision, from a retail shop to a bar, a coffee shop, or a shipping container restaurant! Again, the sky is the limit.

Contemporary Design

A container retail space is an attention-grabber. Whether stacked or placed side by side, shipping container architecture offers a sleek, modern look that contributes to and enhances the customer experience. Work with container providers and architects for information on design options.


Get your business up and running quickly and save time and money. Once the provider drops the container at your location, you can make modifications and have it ready within days —something much more difficult to achieve with brick-and-mortar construction. Because shipping containers are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, you’ll also save money on long-term maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly

There are millions of shipping containers sitting idle at yards across the world. Building your own container bar or shop is an opportunity to reuse these units. And when compared with traditional construction methods, installing a container imposes far less environmental damage to a site.

If you’re ready to buy a container but still have questions about options such as waterproof containers, container age, and maintenance, take a look at these important commercial container resources.

Why Shipping Container Bars Are a Great Business Idea

Millennials like to spend money on an experience, and entrepreneurs are looking for innovative ideas that will attract people. The container’s corrugated steel build gives you structural integrity and endless design possibilities for your business.

Design the container with the style and content that aligns with your brand and spend less on maintenance in the long term. Customize the interior with shelves, wooden or plywood flooring, HVAC system, windows, lighting, electrical, telephone, and data wiring, vending counters, and tables and chairs.

Let your place speak for itself and get free marketing by motivating visitors to spread the word on social media.

See Containers in Action

Discover how the Lake Nona community in Orlando, Florida, created a hip, enjoyable and walkable outdoor mall using converted containers as food trucks, chic restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and ice cream parlors.



Cost of a Shipping Container Bar

Take a look at the cost breakdown for a bare-bones shipping container according to size:

●      10-foot container unit: $3,800 to $4,800

●      20-foot container unit: $2,350 to $7,900

●      40-foot container unit: $3,400 to $8,600

Be aware that the final cost of your container will depend on multiple factors, such as design elements and any modifications you make. You can also use a combination of 10-, 20-, and 40-foot units to achieve your design requirements.

Shipping containers come in three categories: new, used, and single-use. While new units are easy to find, they are the most expensive option followed, by single-use containers which cost less but are in high demand.

Speak to us for more information on a comprehensive quote, including the shipping container and transportation options.

How Big Is a Standard Container Bar?

Pop-ups can be anywhere between 10 and 40 feet, or a combination of these measurements. You can use a standard 40-foot box as the main serving area for drinks and a 10-foot unit for storage. A 40-foot-high cube box works well if you are running a barbeque and need added ceiling height for temperature control and ventilation.

How Can We Help Your Container Bar Business Idea?

  1. Rent, lease, or buy; If you are just testing the waters, you can rent or lease the container before deciding to buy.
  2. Competitive pricing: If you choose to rent, we offer a 30-day billing cycle, instead of the industry-standard 28-day cycle.
  3. Fast, safe delivery: We have our own fleet of trucks, which means we don't depend on external suppliers for delivery. Our expert drivers will make sure that you get the delivery on time.
  4. Custom options: Our in-house design and sales teams will guide you from buying to customization options. Rental plans allow for limited changes, but you have all the freedom when you buy the unit.

Bring your business idea to life and impress any crowd with our containers and some imagination!

If you need information about the units we offer for shipping container bars, fill out this form to contact us or speak to us directly at 866.459.7600 for a free consultation.

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